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Jabberwocky Etc. — Online marketing, search engine optimization, social media consutling and email marketing.


Online Marketing Consulting
How can we use the internet to market your business? Is your website saying the right things to the right people? Are enough people seeing it? Should you be advertising online, and if so, how much should you be spending? These questions, and many others are answered in your free consultation.


Search Engine Optimization
Is your website a fine-tuned marketing machine, or a Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the fine art of making sure your site and strategy are optimized for maximum results.


Search Engine Marketing
Site's humming, strategy's ticking, and you still want more? A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is the next course to more exposure. We'll set up and manage your PPC initiatives, evaluate and plan banner advertising campaigns and maximize every dollar of the budget YOU control.


Web Site Audits
A technical and grown up evaluation of your current site. Are its T's crossed and I's dotted? We'll check it out and provide you with an objective analysis, and some subjective recommendations.


Social Media Network Consulting
Should you be on Facebook? Are Instagram ads worthwhile? Are you a good candidate for X or TikTok? And what about LinkedIn? Jabberwocky Etc. will translate the pros and cons and explore how social media can aid your cause.


Email Marketing
Staying in touch with your current customers and future customers is critical to your success. Professional email marketing can be a core asset to your communication strategy. Jabberwocky Etc. will set up your email campaign and templates, and show you how to measure the results.

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